Ars Coeli is an ecclesiastical business committed to serving God in the manner of creating sacred art. Founded by Jacob Benjamin Wolfe and co-founded by Father Patrick J. Winslow in 2012, Ars Coeli honors God’s will and strives to serve the Church by providing truthful sacred art.

Ars Coeli (pronounced: ars chae-lee) has a twofold meaning to its name. It translates to “art of the chisel” and “art of heaven,” both of which this business endeavors to accomplish. Ars Coeli’s mission is to provide beauty, insight, and possibility to all Catholic churches.

Beauty is the first element of this business since art is supposed to touch the soul and depth of a person’s spirit. Insight is gaining a deep understanding of the design and having it reflected in the finished piece. Insight provides a sense of symbolism from which the Church has its deep roots. Possibility is the essence of what we provide through a commitment to work with each customer to capture the full potential from design process to completed work.

Anything is possible and achievable through God, the Divine Artist.